Nina Dos Santos

London Anchor
CNN's World Business Today

Nina dos Santos is the London anchor on CNN’s World Business Today. Aside from her presenting duties, Nina also undertakes correspondent work.

In 2011 she was part of CNN’s team covering the British Royal Wedding and reported extensively on the Euro zone crisis from Brussels, Paris and Rome.

Dos Santos obtained a series of global exclusives on the International Monetary Fund following the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn in New York. She was the first journalist to get a copy of the former managing director’s leaving letter, written in jail, and highlighted debate among female IMF staff about whether it was time for a woman at the helm.

Before joining CNN, Dos Santos worked as a freelance correspondent for NBC News. During that time she covered the Amanda Knox murder trial, Pope Benedict XVI’s historic visit to the U.K, and the longest tennis match ever –at Wimbledon.

Dos Santos began her career in print news with internships at the Financial Times Group and Dow Jones & Co before moving into broadcast news as a presenter with Bloomberg Television and later Sky News.

A veteran of the European business scene, Dos Santos has interviewed Prime Ministers and Finance Ministers of numerous G7 and G20 countries as well as chief executives of firms like Shell, Gazprom and Nokia.

An experienced moderator, Dos Santos has chaired panels at the World Economic Forum meetings. She has also hosted events at the European Parliament in Brussels and at London’s Chatham House.

Dos Santos is a prolific writer and contributes heavily to CNN’s Business 360 blog. Her past print work has been published in the influential English-language newspapers The Wall Street Journal and The International Herald Tribune as well as in Vedemosti in Russia and Handelsblatt in Germany.

Dos Santos holds a BSc in Biological Sciences from Imperial College London and a Masters degree in Economics. She is a native speaker of English, French and Italian, and also speaks German and Portuguese.

Before returning to London in 2005, Dos Santos lived and worked in Italy for four years as a correspondent.

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